An Ergonomic Intervention

Hello, friend. Make yourself comfortable. Yes, all of your coworkers are here. They’ve been on video calls with you, and they’ve seen your setup for working from home. They’re worried about you.
When you started working from home a few months ago, it was fine that you set up camp on your living room floor, papers strewn all about. WFH was a novelty and your makeshift home office was endearing. We thought it was a phase, like when you dyed your hair black in 11th grade. Since then, though, it’s become apparent that you’ve grown complacent.
When you spend 8–12 hours a day in a spot that’s not made for it, your body suffers, and then your productivity suffers. What you need is an ergo home office. Ergonomic design isn’t new, but just because it was around twenty years ago doesn’t mean it has to look like twenty years ago. Ergo is cool now.
Take the Ridella Height-Adjustable Desk, for example. It lets you work from any sitting or standing position without craning your neck or hunching your shoulders. (Pro tip: If your eyes are level with the middle of your computer screen, it’s too high!)
Or the Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat. If you stand for long stretches of time, this is a must-have. It massages your feet as your shift your weight, keeping the blood flowing and stretching out your legs and glutes. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of relaxation, and it’s a heck of a lot more stylish than wearing compression socks.
And then there’s the Vora Task Chair. Remember your chair at work? It’s just like that, only it would look incredible in your second bedroom. It’s fully adjustable so can keep your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, and your arms at 90° angles. Doesn’t that sound nice?
We don’t know how long you’ll be working from home, but we do know that you deserve to be comfortable in your home office. After all, it’s still your home. Now, let’s all bring it in for a hug. We’re proud of you.