Auras, Attitudes, and Abodes

Oh, hey there. It's nice to see you again. No, like REALLY see you...and your aura. What's an aura you ask? An aura is a vibrant ray of color composed of energy that flows around living things. It often indicates a person's moods, emotions, and overall character. Simply put, it's your straight up vibe. And as your WFH bestie, we want to help you put this colorful energy to use in a number of epic ways.
By uncovering your aura and unleashing its power, you can create spaces that are specifically tailored to your individual attitude and style. Think about it this way, you can hone in on what makes you, you...and then create an extra dope space that works for you! And check this, an abode that caters to your individual needs not only allows your brain to hyperfocus (like Jack with a bone) but it can also deliver a delicious dose of happiness (like Dylan eating ice cream.)
So, let's dig in. First, if you don't know your aura, find a quick online quiz and hurry back. Don't get stuck down a rabbit hole. Don't collect $200 by passing go. Once you know the aura color or colors that make you awesome, it's a matter of playing matchmaker to the things you love. Let the inspo commence!
Red Aura - Ridella
You are uber energetic and don't want to sit still. While working on your million and one projects, you need to be movin' and groovin' to stay driven. The Ridella height adjustable standing desk is your perfect partner in crime, giving you the freedom you need to transform your day-to-day hustle. Wanna do calf-raises while blasting your WFH playlist? Go for it. Yoga stretch while reading? Why not! Slay that daily checklist.

Orange Aura – Clarette Lounge
You scream creativity and ooze empathy. As that one friend that everyone relates to, your crib should reflect your welcoming attitude. And what can help you flex your creative brain or welcome your pals more than the Clarette lounge? With its flexibility, customization, and comfort, the Clarette Lounge is the perfect companion to find your flow and create a vision board...or get cozy over a shared bottle of wine.

Yellow Aura - Holden Tables
You're the cool, calm, and confident type, and your unflappable nature is envious. As a natural-born leader, you radiate a sunny disposition and have a great sense of humor. Your castle needs to hold court often as you love to encourage and support others. The Holden ceramic-topped tables are the perfect match for your team-focused happy hours that deliver a dose of hope and enthusiasm at the end of a long day. After all, you are everyone's ace motivator and confidence booster.

Blue Aura – Vernita Planters
You have a natural gift for self-expression, and life without a project is your worst nightmare. Flexing creativity is your superpower, making the Vernita planter your perfect sidekick. Whether serving as storage for paint projects or a bed for your most treasured plants, this dynamic combo unit can help give your space that much-needed tender touch.

Green Aura – Brutus Bookshelf
You're known for your world-renowned hugs and peaceful demeanor. You care deeply about others and strive to bring positive change to the world. You believe a home reflects its owner's personality, and you take great care in curating your life. The Brutus bookshelf is the ebony to your ivory and boasts five shelves of space to share who you are. Style it with the handmade pottery you collected from India or the African mask you uncovered in Tanzania. Add a bit of greenery from your army of plants, and you're on your way to creating an epicenter of YOU. So, go ahead, prop like a boss.

Pink Aura – Bernadette Bean Bag
You are gentle in nature and radiate loving energy to every being you meet. Pair that with your bubbly attitude and killer smile, and it's no wonder you enjoy countless deep relationships. Your big heart and open-door policy require your home to have a centerpiece of comfort. That's why the Bernadette bean bag is a necessity in your space. When it comes to bean bags, it's the little things that make a difference. Bernadette boasts the style, comfort, and roominess that's perfect solo or with your best furry friend. Let the love-sesh begin.

Purple Aura – Seraphina Table
You have a peaceful, spiritual vibe that can lead to you getting caught with your head in the clouds dreaming about what's next. After all, you're known to possess powerful intuition and a unique ability to spot emerging trends. That's why the Seraphina table is the perfect match for your trendsetting style. With its Stockholm-inspired finish palette and sleek ribbon base, it's that clutch piece that reflects your originality and sets the new definition of cool.

White Aura – Milam Side Chair
You are an enlightened thinker and perfectionist at heart. Your space needs to be picture perfect so your mind can stay keenly focused. Your Less is More mantra and appreciation for classic silhouettes are the driving forces behind your design aesthetic. The Milam side chair is the definition of aesthetically pleasing. With its gracefully curved back and textured woven seat, Milam will deliver on your primary goal of staying at the top of Pinterest's most-pinned list.

Black Aura – Chet Lounge
Your aura needs some brightening up. You are mired in worry and appear to have reached the boiling point of burnout. The struggle is, in fact, real. But have no fear, weary friend! We're here to help you see the light and inspire your fun side again. The Chet lounge is our exhaustion-busting secret weapon. With its serious hygge vibes and vast color options, we guarantee it will deliver a dose of dopamine and get you back on track faster than you can Google hygge😉.