The beauty of Hoopla is in its simple versatility. Is it an ottoman? Yes. Is it a stool? Yes. Is it stacking? Yes…times 4! Easy to use and simple to store, Hoopla is a mixed material masterpiece.
  • Stackable stool
  • Conveniently stacks up to 4 high for storage
  • 14.76”W 14.76”D 17.25”H | 9.5 lbs.
  • Upholstered seat available in over 400 fabrics
  • Black powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Black nylon glides protect floors and prevent marring
  • Sustainability Info available at ecoChecker

Hoopla Materials

Bliss Azure
Bliss Breeze
Bliss Cliff
Bliss Eclipse
Bliss Hearth
Bliss Icicle
Bliss Ink
Bliss Jade
Bliss Malbec
Bliss Nautical
Bliss Raven
Bliss Root
Bliss Shadow
Bliss Slate
Bliss Spice
Bliss Stream
Bliss Terra Cotta
Bliss Verdite
Bliss Wool
Cali Beach
Cali Boardwalk
Cali Boulder
Cali Cactus
Cali Coast
Cali Desert
Cali Pier
Cali Sand
Cali Sunset
Cali Surf
Cali Vineyard
Sedona Adobe
Sedona Botanical
Sedona Brick Red
Sedona Buckskin
Sedona Cactus
Sedona Canyon
Sedona Desert
Sedona Earth
Sedona Fawn
Sedona Fog
Sedona Horizon
Sedona Indigo
Sedona Mahogany
Sedona Mesa
Sedona Midnight
Sedona Mirage
Sedona Molten
Sedona Nighthawk
Sedona Ochre
Sedona Paradise
Sedona Pewter
Sedona Plateau
Sedona Poppy
Sedona Putty
Sedona Sagebrush
Sedona Sand
Sedona Sassafras
Sedona Sierra
Sedona Storm
Sedona Succulents
Sedona Sunset
Sedona Terra Cotta
Sedona Truffle
Sedona Tumbleweed
Sedona Yucca
Sedona Zest
Vessel Bark
Vessel Berry
Vessel Coast
Vessel Isle
Vessel Leaf
Vessel Midnight
Vessel Peacock
Vessel Sand
Vessel Stone
Vessel Stormcloud
Vessel Straw
Vessel Sunset
Entwine Azure
Entwine Berry
Entwine Cococut
Entwine Deep Sea
Entwine Driftwood
Entwine Emerald
Entwine Harbor
Entwine Iron
Entwine Khaki
Entwine Mykonos
Entwine Pewter
Entwine Pistachio
Entwine Rose
Entwine Sage
Entwine Scarlet
Entwine Sky
Entwine Space
Entwine Squash
Entwine Star
Input Cloud
Input Dove
Input Coal
Input Jet
Input Fossil
Input Bisque
Input Lime
Input Tiffany
Input Sky
Input Delft
Input Midnight
Input Orchid
Input Raisin
Input Crimson
Input Squash
Melange Alloy
Melange Aloe
Melange Aspen
Melange Cherry
Melange Coffee Bean
Melange Denim
Melange Dijon
Melange Ebony
Melange Lead
Melange Leet
Melange Night Sky
Melange Pansy
Melange Pumice
Melange Red Pepper
Melange Stucco
Melange Wave
Ridge Meadow
Ridge Shine
Ridge Sunset
Ridge Fog
Ridge Crimson
Ridge Driftwood
Ridge Peak
Ridge Pebble
Ridge Sea Breeze
Ridge Midnight
Ridge Sand
Ridge Dune
Spark Asphalt
Spark Boysenberry
Spark Clementine
Spark Cloud
Spark Dill
Spark Holly
Spark Jam
Spark Jet
Spark Lawn
Spark Mallard
Spark Marine
Spark Mocha
Spark Sand
Spark Topaz
Zig Zag Cardinal
Zig Zag Cinnamon
Zig Zag Cloud
Zig Zag Cocoa
Zig Zag Ecru
Zig Zag Granite
Zig Zag Ink
Zig Zag Leaf
Zig Zag Marine
Zig Zag Rouge
Zig Zag Salmon
Zig Zag Sunny
Brilliant Cattail
Brilliant Almond
Brilliant Coffee
Brilliant Currant
Brilliant Cinder
Brilliant Cobalt
Brilliant Blue Grass
Brilliant Indigo
Brilliant Moss
Brilliant Gravel
Brilliant Elderberry
Brilliant Ebony
Brilliant Amaryllis
Brilliant Azalea
Brilliant Marigold
Brilliant Kiwi
Brilliant Parrot
Dolce Artesian
Dolce Black
Dolce Camel
Dolce Chocolate
Dolce Citron
Dolce Cumin
Dolce Dune
Dolce Ecru
Dolce Fuschia
Dolce Grass
Dolce Indigo
Dolce Ivory
Dolce Jet
Dolce Latte
Dolce Meteor
Dolce Mocha
Dolce Moss
Dolce Mushroom
Dolce Peacock
Dolce Poppy
Dolce Russet
Dolce Tangelo
Dolce White
Dorset Ash
Dorset Avocado
Dorset Balsa
Dorset Black
Dorset Black Indigo
Dorset Blueberry
Dorset Camel
Dorset Cayenne
Dorset Charcoal
Dorset Cherry
Dorset Copper
Dorset Denim
Dorset Flax
Dorset Mulberry
Dorset Ocean Blue
Dorset Platinum
Dorset Silver
Dorset Smoke Blue
Dorset Soda
Dorset Taupe
Intuition Admiral
Intuition Bisque
Intuition Charcoal
Intuition Coral
Intuition Hickory
Intuition Honey
Intuition Ochre
Intuition Peacock
Intuition Platinum
Intuition Sage
Intuition Sand
Intuition Scarlet
Intuition Slate
Intuition Viridian
Phrase Maize
Phrase Sprout
Phrase Poolside
Phrase Marine
Phrase Cayenne
Phrase Shiraz
Phrase Truffle
Phrase Nutmeg
Phrase Soapstone
Phrase Shale
Phrase Admiral
Stancil Amethyst
Stancil Barley
Stancil Belgian Flax
Stancil Blue Coral
Stancil Cayenne
Stancil Dijon
Stancil Lemon Grass
Stancil Marble
Stancil Midnight
Stancil Platinum
Stancil Slate
Stancil Turqoise
Strand Charcoal
Strand Mineral
Strand Blueberry
Strand Red Licorice
Strand Wheat
Strand Peacock
Strand Blaze
Strand Cumulus
Strand Coast
Strand Sand
Strand Stone
Silvertex Basil
Silvertex Ice
Silvertex Mandarin
Silvertex Raspberry
Silvertex Mocha
Silvertex Carbon
Silvertex Jet
Silvertex Storm
Silvertex Sapphire
Silvertex Champagne
Silvertex Celery
Silvertex Meteor
Silvertex Cream
Silvertex Chestnut
Silvertex Luggage
Silvertex Taupe
Silvertex Borscht
Silvertex Lagoon
Silvertex Turquoise
Silvertex Marine Blue
Silvertex Umber
Silvertex Blackberry
Silvertex Sage
Silvertex Bottle
Silvertex Zest
Silvertex Sterling
Silvertex Plata
Silvertex Peat
Silvertex Neutra
Silvertex Marsh
Silvertex Limoncello
Silvertex Imperial
Silvertex Creme de Menthe
Silvertex Bronze
Silvertex Bazaar
Silvertex Acid
Silvertex Poppy
Connect Four Butterscotch
Connect Four Snickerdoodle
Connect Four Silver Dollar
Connect Four Sea Glass
Connect Four Blueberry
Masquerade Alaska
Masquerade Thunder
Masquerade Wisteria
Masquerade Indigo
Masquerade Rose
Masquerade Truffle
Masquerade Sky
Masquerade Aegean
Masquerade Coral
Masquerade Driftwood
Masquerade Sapphire
Masquerade Viridian
Masquerade Clay
Masquerade Desert
Masquerade Aqua
Masquerade Sage
Masquerade Goldenrod
Mode Carotene
Mode Kermes
Mode Talus
Mode Crush
Mode Saltwater
Mode Denim
Mode Intaglio
Mode Clavicle
Mode Billygoat
Mode Sycamore
Mode Hollow
Mode Ominous
Mode Sassafras
Essence/Ultraleather Stone
Essence/Ultraleather Dove Grey
Essence/Ultraleather White
Essence/Ultraleather Midnight
Essence/Ultraleather Walnut
Essence/Ultraleather Taupe
Essence/Ultraleather Raven
Essence/Ultraleather Pecan
Essence/Ultraleather Papyrus
Essence/Ultraleather Admiral
Essence/Ultraleather Charcoal
Essence/Ultraleather Pelican
Essence/Ultraleather Garnet
Brisa Black Onyx
Brisa Cambridge Blue
Brisa Ash
Brisa Bark
Brisa Truffle
Brisa Desert Clay
Brisa Sterling Blue
Brisa Canyon
Brisa Distressed Lasso
Brisa Distressed Iron
Brisa Distressed Moccasin
Brisa Distressed Stormy
Brisa Distressed Shield
Brisa Distressed Steerhide
Reef Pro Captain
Reef Pro Boardwalk
Reef Pro Beluga
Reef Pro Hammerhead
Reef Pro Stingray
Reef Pro Squid
Reef Pro Lionfish
Reef Pro Saltwater
Silica Appletini
Silica Terra
Silica Nero
Silica Skyward
Silica Cumulus
Silica Gallant
Silica Ginger
Silica Quartz
Silica Alloy
Silica Haze
Silica Tropic
Silica Eclipse
Silica Etch Flint
Silica Etch Ink
Silica Etch Juniper
Silica Etch Manta
Silica Etch Mink
Silica Etch Rain
Silica Etch Slate
Silica Etch Wistful
Tottori Ginseng
Tottori Terrain
Tottori Rice Paper
Tottori Tatami Mat
Tottori Desert Dune
Tottori Soba
Tottori Soy Sauce
Tottori Blue Mirage
Tottori Hot Spring
Tottori Shibori Blue
Tottori Sand Castle
Tottori Classic Grey
Tottori Black Sesame