Bernadette Poufs
When it comes to poufs, it’s the little things that make a big difference. These indoor/outdoor jewels feature lightweight filling to support sitting or propping your feet up. Chill out and relax, these poufs are versatile and durable. Plus, they come in your choice of colors, so go ahead and deck out your den or deck or dock.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Poufs
  • C01PFS0101 Round Indoor | C01PFS0102 Round Outdoor
  • C01PFS0201 Squircle Indoor | C01PFS0202 Squircle Outdoor
  • Round: 22"W 22"D 19"H | 21 lbs.
  • Squircle: 19"W 19"D 20"H | 21 lbs.
  • Seat Height: 17.5"
  • EPS (Expanded polystyrene) fill in an internal liner
  • Removable zippered slipcover features a breathable black upholstered bottom
  • Available in Bliss, Cali, Vessel, and Sedona indoor covers
  • Available in select Sunbrella and Sunfield outdoor covers
  • Some assembly required
  • Sustainability Info available at ecoChecker

Bernadette Poufs Materials

Bliss Azure
Bliss Breeze
Bliss Cliff
Bliss Eclipse
Bliss Hearth
Bliss Icicle
Bliss Ink
Bliss Jade
Bliss Malbec
Bliss Nautical
Bliss Raven
Bliss Root
Bliss Shadow
Bliss Slate
Bliss Spice
Bliss Stream
Bliss Terra Cotta
Bliss Verdite
Bliss Wool
Cali Beach
Cali Boardwalk
Cali Boulder
Cali Cactus
Cali Coast
Cali Desert
Cali Pier
Cali Sand
Cali Sunset
Cali Surf
Cali Vineyard
Sunfield Navy
Sunfield Pearl
Sunfield Taupe
Sunbrella Breeze
Sunbrella Flax
Sunbrella Granite
Sunbrella Petal
Sunbrella Slate
Sedona Adobe
Sedona Botanical
Sedona Brick Red
Sedona Buckskin
Sedona Cactus
Sedona Canyon
Sedona Desert
Sedona Earth
Sedona Fawn
Sedona Fog
Sedona Horizon
Sedona Indigo
Sedona Mahogany
Sedona Mesa
Sedona Midnight
Sedona Mirage
Sedona Molten
Sedona Nighthawk
Sedona Ochre
Sedona Paradise
Sedona Pewter
Sedona Plateau
Sedona Poppy
Sedona Putty
Sedona Sagebrush
Sedona Sand
Sedona Sassafras
Sedona Sierra
Sedona Storm
Sedona Succulents
Sedona Sunset
Sedona Terra Cotta
Sedona Truffle
Sedona Tumbleweed
Sedona Yucca
Sedona Zest
Vessel Bark
Vessel Berry
Vessel Coast
Vessel Isle
Vessel Leaf
Vessel Midnight
Vessel Peacock
Vessel Sand
Vessel Stone
Vessel Stormcloud
Vessel Straw
Vessel Sunset